How Goal Achieving Works Like a Car Engine


Every time you start your car or play the radio or operate the windows while the engine is off, you drain the battery a bit. The alternator – which is really a generator – replenishes the battery when the engine is running and provides power to your car’s electrical systems when the engine is running.

Let’s say you are driving home from work and your electrical system fails and your car dies, you are now stranded. Luckily there are towing companies, but wouldn’t it be nice if the towing company never had to come and your car just took you home like it is supposed to? If your engine was working correctly this wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. What if you checked your engine every day? You would probably be able to identify the problem much sooner and repair it before it got you stranded somewhere. Most of the time I rely on my car to function how it is made to, however every once in a while I check it out and make sure everything is working well. This Helps insure that I won’t get stuck somewhere.

The same automotive charging system goes for you. The destination is your goal, the engine is your motivation, the alternator is your habits, and the battery is your actions.

First off obviously you need to identify your destination before starting the car, so identify your S.M.A.R.T. goal. Plug the destination into your GPS which is your step by step plan to achieving your goal. Then start your engine. Follow the motivation steps like I talked about in my previous post. Create and follow your needed habits as perfectly as you can so that your alternator doesn’t get messed up. Take Action. The only way you are going to get anywhere is if you actually take action and press the gas pedal.

All of these things make your car go. All of these things help you achieve your goals. If you just focus on that, you can and will accomplish anything you want.

Good Luck

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