Boost Motivation in 3 Steps


If your goal was to swim to shore, and a shark was chasing after you, don’t you think you would be motivated to swim faster? Everyone has dreams, and many people chase them. But how do you stay motivated to keep running fast, or just keep chasing? What if you already lost your motivation?  Use these 3 steps to boost your Motivation.

Step One: Identify the why

A lot of people have suggested that I go back and look at why I want to achieve this goal. Since I have already outlined that in my first post “My Biggest Goal Ever Set” I decided that was adequate enough.


 Step Two: Motivate yourself using Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Dan Pink has written a recent bestseller Drives “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”. It explains the evolution of motivation in the business place, and what should be used today. Since I am not running a business, I related it to myself as my own employee. This is the evolution of motivation goes from 1.0 – 3.0.

            In the beginning of time, 1.0 was most effective.

1.0: Survival: which was most common during the olden days when people hunted, cooked and built houses all day every day to survive.

            Then we moved to 2.0.

2.0: Rewards and Punishment: If you go to work then you get payed, if you don’t go to work you get fired.

            And finally we end with the most suggested method.

3.0: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose: Have choice in what you want to do, do it good, and have a purpose. For more information about this (Its a short summery of the book) Check out this link. It explains it very well:

Something I find interesting with this idea is how different it is from my online research. One thing that I always find on the internet is the suggestion to give yourself a physical “prize” for accomplishing your goal. According to the book Drive this is not a very effective force. In-fact it suggest that instead of a gift or a “prize,” you should give yourself verbal praise. If you give yourself a physical prize, you will just expect them every time, and your effectiveness will go down.

This idea Floored me! I would always give myself incentives like a smoothie if you study every day for a month. However when I really think about my accomplishments and past works, for example when I worked at Living Scriptures as a sales person, I would be offered double my commission if I reached a certain goal. The truth is I think I could have reached those goals if I was the one who set that goal and if I didn’t know what I could get. It was kind of like I was a dog who gets a treat for rolling over.


 Step Three: Keep your goal in sight.

I need to make sure that I see my goal every day so that I continue. So I am making a vision board like many successful people do.  According to “the Secret” it is called “the law of attraction.” I am kind of excited to make one, it has been a ver long time since I have made a vision board.

What’s on your vision board? Please send in a picture.

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