What is Falling of Mountains All About

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Purpose of this blog:

The purpose of this blog is to create a database of personal development articles from thousands of sources. Instead of just pasting links to the articles, there is a review of the article that you can read before actual article so you can make sure that the article isn’t a waist of time. In addition, multiple sources makes it so that people can enjoy articles from a range of perspectives and hundreds writers instead of reading from a couple of writers perspective or expertise.


To be a reliable source of personal development articles that have been reviewed/rated accurately so people can decide if it is worth their time before reading the full article.


To be the biggest database of personal development articles and every person who is interested in personal development will subscribe to this website.

About Me:

My Profession:

Me with Chena

Thanks for viewing About Me. My name is Sara Wade, and I am a professional writer and designer. I have worked with many agencies and I am now a freelancer. My focus is creating content that builds businesses. To do that, I am currently creating content for differ
ent businesses for blogs and social media.

I am also a student at Utah Valley University. I am graduating with my degree in Communication with an Emphasis in Public Relations and a Minor in Digital Media. My degree fits me perfectly!

I am going to become one of the few people that large corporations or public figures come for help when they are launching something new. Or better yet, some who got in trouble and needs someone to fix their image. Have you seen Scandal?

My Personal Life:

I want my life to have more than just a great career record! Here is a short list of some of my accomplishments I plan to achieve:

  1. Play the Cello
  2. Fluent in 5+ Languages
  3. Travel to all 7 continents
  4. Identify as multi-cultured
  5. Be a guest speaker at TED Talks
  6. New York Best Seller

It might seem like a lot, but keep in mind that most of my roll models have done so much more i.e. Leonardo De Vince, Benjamin Franklin,