6 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance


I went to a lecture series that the Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw was a guest at and I asked her how she balanced everything in life while she started her business when she was a single mother and working full time. She told me “balance is unrealistic.”

Lets be real, she is right. It is impossible to have perfect balance in everything you do. For example, every day we are going to spend more time in work than at home, or more time at home than doing a service project.

However, most of us can improve our work-life balance.

Deborah Jian Lee does a fantastic job in her article in about 6 realistic ways to create better balance. Some of the advice she gives is refreshingly new, but if you are like me and read a ton of articles, some of the advice seemed familiar. Just because it is repeated advice doesn’t mean it isn’t good advice though.

Read the Article here

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