Falling Off Mountains

I would never suggest someone fall off a mountain, but honestly it is probably one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. It’s not that you have so much to loose or that you only have a small life so make the most out of it, it’s that you can survive.

Imagine going through life knowing that even if you fall, you can survive. It will hurt, and it will take weeks, months, or even years to repair and start walking again, but you can survive. To some people leaps of faith are decisions, and for others it can be literal falls off a cliff.

It isn’t guaranteed that you will survive. There is still that chance of death. But there is a chance that you will prevail, that you will survive and that you will walk again. That is the chance that we have to take in life if we want to get what we want.

Imagine being faced with a decision, it is a decision that may be the best decision of your life, or it may be likely you die. Imagine you take the leap of faith and you do what is necessary. Imagine that you quit your job and start your own business, or you ask you boss for a raise, you may fall, you may fail, but you may survive and succeed.

That is why I founded Falling Off Mountains, because the view of surviving and the view of being capable of success is worth it. One of the best way to increases our chance of survival and success is to prepare ourselves by becoming better and stronger through personal development. I want people to take the leap of faith, and I want everyone to be successful.